Design an Escape Room Competition

We are very excited to be sponsoring this competition being run by the Create on the Square social enterprise.

The competition has two age categories, U12s and 12-14s. Laburinthos will turn the winning design into an escape room home kit and sell it for charity. More details…

Hopefully it will provide some entertainment for children stuck indoors currently, in addition to raising money for charities in the long term.

What we are looking for in a design

The competition is intended to encourage creative thought, so the escape room design doesn’t need to be too practical to start with – we’ll work out how to turn it into a real escape room kit later πŸ™‚

To keep it contained we have limited each applicant to 2 sides of A4 paper.

First Page – Escape Room design

The first should be a drawing or a design of the world your story is set in.

Is it real world, or is it a fantasy land? Will the players be indoors or outdoors? What do the characters in the world look like? What kind of props would you expect to see?

Second Page – Escape Room Description

The second page should be a description of the story.

What is your story called? Why are the players in your world? Why are they stuck? What are they trying to solve within the time frame?


List any puzzles you would like to see included in the game, but they don’t have to have too much detail as we can fill all that in later. For example, you can say β€œa maths type puzzle with…” rather than β€œ1888 + X2(*9)”

A good variety of puzzles will be good, ie in type, difficulty and length. When we design escape rooms we aim to have puzzles that appeal to different types of people. For example, some require logical thinking, while others are more creative. Searching for clues is always good.

The escape rooms are usually attempted by teams, so anything that encourages team working and challenges communication between people would be great too.