Extra-Terrestrial Encounters Agency

A Home Escape Room Kit for All Ages

You’ve been recruited to the Extra-Terrestrial Encounters Agency, but to officially join you’ll have to pass the test!

The E.T.E.A have been collecting evidence of alien contact for a few years now, and today they just received a transmission from the Delphine Galaxy, telling of an imminent invasion within the next hour. If you can decipher their messages and stop the invasion, you’ll be enrolled as an official E.T.E.A agent!

Have you got what it takes to save planet Earth?

E.T.E.A. is an escape room kit that can be assembled and run in your home.

Set up the escape room, by printing out or copying our designs, and invite your family and friends to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape.

Fun for all ages (although children under 8 may find the puzzles too difficult without help).

What People Are Saying About E.T.E.A.

“They definitely enjoyed it, especially when they got it right. They played online and they also used the paper hand outs to aid them. They also worked together quite well and given we are at the end of their first full week of lock down together that was nice to see.” Casey Darrett


“Diverse and educational” Sharon Macauly


“the maths, periodic table and shape recognition puzzles were especially educational” Sarah Upstone


“Such a great idea and so lovely to do at home.” Emma Berry


“The length is good with some easier puzzles and some harder ones.” Sarah Matherson


We love to see pictures of the E.T.E.A. kit in action, particularly the creative adaptions. Please send us more.

Here are a few of our favourites: